Store 11 Management Tasks

The appts listed here need to be assigned. Click on the appt and find the name of the associate to assign it to and click SAVE. Forward the initial appt request to the associate. Let them approve so the customer will get the email. If you are looking for ALL appts at your location you will need to look at the Google Calendar tab or on your Gmail Google Calendar.
All appointments will automatically appear on this Calendar tab and the store calendar BUT you will need to click the link at the bottom of your confirmation email if you want to add to your personal Google calendar. ALL CHANGES TO APPTS (date/time etc) NEED TO BE DONE HERE or ask for assistance.
You can enter it here, no need to login. All of the steps are the same as if you are the customer. Remember to enter the customer's contact information (not your own), except when you select your name from the list of sales associates. A notification email with the appointment details will go to both you and your client. Refresh browser to enter another appointment.